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No Floods, No Rogue Farms. Why We Put Up With This Weather.

A trip to Rogue Farms reminds us of the hassle, and blessing, of floods.

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Floods Recede At Rogue Farms, But They’re Not Going Away

The rains are still coming to Rogue Farms and the three weeks of non-stop storms are stretching into four weeks.

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Rogue Farms Closed By More Floods

Heavy rains today, another big winter storm this weekend. Rogue Farms is closed by flooding and we have no idea when we'll reopen.

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The Calendar Says November, So Why Are We Planting Barley?

Forget what you were told. Spring is not the only season for planting.

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Why Our Drones Are Doomed

Their days are numbered, but not for the reason you might think.

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Pick Em, Dry Em, Smoke Em

If you like spice in your beer, you'll love what we're picking this week.

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Welcome To Fall At Rogue Farms

An early morning reminder that we're so lucky to farm in such a beautiful place.

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