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A Rogue Farms Winter Wonderland

Just to make sure we knew winter wasn't going anywhere, Mother Nature surprised us with freezing rain and ice.

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How The Floods Saved Our Honeybees

It's a rule of thumb that the best thing to do for honeybees in winter is leave them alone. Good thing we broke the rules.

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A Tour Of The Flood Damage At Rogue Farms

A look around Rogue Farms shows widespread damage to our corn, peppers and marionberries.

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From Flood To Mud, Clean Up Time At Rogue Farms

With the road to Rogue Farms finally open, we returned this morning to get our first look at the farm in more two weeks of flooding. What a mess!

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No Floods, No Rogue Farms. Why We Put Up With This Weather.

A trip to Rogue Farms reminds us of the hassle, and blessing, of floods.

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Floods Recede At Rogue Farms, But They’re Not Going Away

The rains are still coming to Rogue Farms and the three weeks of non-stop storms are stretching into four weeks.

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Dangerous Oregon Storm Hitting Rogue Farms

We don't mind rain and we don't mind floods. But the winter storm that's hitting Northwest Oregon today is something to worry about.

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