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Hop Harvest Begins at Rogue Farms

We've been harvesting our own hops for 8 years running now. And it's still a beautiful sight to see.

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Rogue Farms Barley Harvest Begins

Over in Tygh Valley in the rain shadow of Mt. Hood, Rogue Farms Risk Malting barley harvest has officially started.

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The Summer Of 2016 Rogue Farms Crop Report

Come to Rogue Farms this summer and the Revolution will be to your right.

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A Berry Early Harvest

We're hand-picking our Prickless Marionberries.

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A Sweet Note from Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer found out more about where we grow honey.

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From Bees To Bottle, How We Harvest Rogue Farms Honey

When our honeybees are done making honey, it's up to us to harvest the crop. Here's how we do the sweetest job at Rogue Farms.

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The Long And Short Of The Rogue Farms Cucumbers

This being #CucumberDay, we figure it’s as good of a time as any to show some love to this under appreciated vegetable.

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