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And The Name Of Rogue Farms New Hop Variety Is…

Entrance to hopyardPlease welcome the Yaquina Hop to the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

The name pays tribute to Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon – the hometown of Rogue Ales and Spirits. It’s a reminder of how we started brewing in Newport almost 25-years ago, in a small garage located on Bayfront Blvd. It’s extra fitting because we removed Newport hops to make way for this new variety. John Maier wanted something with a higher aroma profile, and the Yaquina hop does just that – delivering a medium intensity and spice with notes of pine and grapefruit.

Our Newport hops were pulled out of the ground earlier this year. Meanwhile  the Yaquina hops are being cultivated in a greenhouse. Over the next couple of months we’ll slowly introduce them to increasing amounts of daylight and outdoor temperatures. This steady transition make them stronger and helps them adjust better to a new life in the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

hops in greenhouse

Cultivating the Yaquina rhizomes began in January. As they grow, we’ll move them into bigger and bigger pots.

This is a big moment in the history of Rogue Farms 42-acre Hopyard and something we’ve been working on for months. We expect to plant the rhizomes in May and the first harvest will be in the fall of 2014.






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