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Honey Making Time

The Big Leaf Maples over by the Hop ‘N’ Bed are in full bloom and the Rogue Honeybees are loving it.

This is the first big bloom of spring, and a source of high quality nectar. So what else is keeping the bees busy?

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A Rogue Honeybee foraging at a wild blackberry flower in summer.

There’s plenty of wildflowers, garden flowers, ornamental fruit trees and azaleas. Diverse natural sources of nectar and pollen help the Rogue Honeybees stay healthy.

We’ve noticed that in the hives the honeybees are starting to build up stores of honey. They’re making more than they need to eat. We don’t need to feed them and we don’t need to disturb them. The more you leave honeybees alone, the happier they are.

The next big event is when the nearby fruit orchards bloom. The Rogue Honeybees go crazy over the cherry blossoms. And so do we, the flowering trees are beautiful.

Keep thinking Honey Kolsch and Mead while the bees are hard at work.

A Gallery Of Spring Flowers At The Rogue Farms Hopyard

4.26.12 (5) web

4.26.12 (27) web

And soon to come, the cherry orchard bloom. This photo was taken about a year ago.

And soon to come, the cherry orchard bloom. This photo was taken about a year ago.

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  1. Here in stubborn-ass Indiana, where winter has had a death grip over us this year, we are finally getting dogwoods blooming. Can’t wait for the Eastern redbud, which is a native weed of a tree that makes everything florescent purple for about three weeks in the spring. Go, redbud, go.

    April 10, 2013

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