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Know Your Hops

rogue farms hopsWhat’s the difference between a Cascade hop and a Perle hop?

There are the technical differences, alpha acids vs beta acids, myrcene vs humulene, the kind of information that anyone with a computer could find in about ten minutes. But what fun is that?

Please allow us at Rogue Farms Hopyard to suggest a more interesting way to know your hops.

Single hop beer samplers are making a comeback according to the latest issue of Cheers magazine. While most beers are made with a blend of hops, Single Hop beers are brewed with only one variety  The flavors and aroma that one hop really stand out in a single hop beer. And to make it even more interesting, a sampler will let you compare hops side by side.

Here’s a photo of a Rogue Farms single hop sampler that the magazine used in the article.

Rogue Farms Single Hops Sampler

From left to right, Revolution, Freedom, Liberty and Rebel single hop Rogue Farms Ales. Samplers are available at Rogue Public Houses.

Bars, breweries and hop growers use samplers to teach their employees about the different flavors and aromas for each various hop. Craft beer lovers are getting into them to further their own beer education. Is that citrus, fruit or lemongrass you’re tasting? Don’t let the so called experts tell you. Try some Single Hop beers and decide for yourself.

By late May the bines are long enough to climb and fill in the rows.

The Rogue Farms Hopyard in May. We grow seven varieties of aroma hops on our 42-acre hopyard.

Chances are you’ll only find Single Hop beers on tap. Rogue Ales and other craft brewers create these beers in small batches so they can be enjoyed fresh. That helps the flavors and aromas of the single hop to come alive.

Rogue’s Single Hop ales are brewed exclusively with the hops we grow at the Rogue Farms Hopyard. That’s seven different varieties to try. And for the really ambitious, there’s more than 100 commercial varieties of hops to sample.

Better get going.

For more stories about Rogue Farms hops, please click here. And please check out our other blogs.

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