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Mother Of The Year

Nancy is quite the hen.

We were still bummed about the skunk that killed two of our poultry, and then suddenly Nancy surprises us with ten baby chicks!

The photos are ooh and aah worthy, and Nancy’s history on the Rogue Farms Hopyard is pretty amazing.

nancy and chicks

The proud momma with her brood.

nancy and chicks

Within hours of hatching, the chicks begin to scratch for bugs…

nancy and chicks

… and keep a look out for overhead predators.

nancy and chicks

Skunks will eat chicks. So we’ve got to be extra careful with this brood. Until they can take care of themselves we’ll let them sleep in the garage at night.

Here’s what really impresses us about Nancy.

stuffing and nancy

This is Nancy a year ago with a baby turkey named Stuffing. Nancy hatched Stuffing when the egg was abandoned by the turkey hen.

Nancy raised Stuffing as one of her own.

Nancy raised Stuffing as one of her own.

A few months later, Stuffing had outgrown her mother by quite a bit.

They were inseparable, even when it became clear they were not related through their DNA.

Nancy and Stuffing

When Nancy had her first natural brood a few months later, Stuffing was at her side as guard Turkey and chick sitter.

All this to explain why we think Nancy deserves to be Mother of the Year. Whether they’re your kids by birth, or by adoption, a family is still a family.

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