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Learn How You Can Help The Honeybees

Bee Workshop 5.17.12 (24) web With all the news lately about Colony Collapse Disorder, the timing for this weekend’s Rogue Farms Hopyard DIY Workshop couldn’t be better.

Please join us Sunday, May 19th @ 1:00pm for the DIY Workshop: Bee Keeping.

The interest in backyard honeybee keeping is soaring as more and more Americans want to know how they can help protect this vital pollinator of the food we eat and the beer we drink. But getting started and knowing how to successfully manage a hive is complicated. So get some advice from an expert, Rogue Beekeeper Josh Cronin.

Here’s some of what to expect.

Bee Workshop 5.17.12 (22) web

Josh will take you through the steps of proper hive management, including how to feed honeybees, check on the health of the hive and treat diseases. You’ll learn the best ways to get started in beekeeping and how best to harvest honey.

Bee Workshop 5.17.12 (1) web

Anything can happen. During last year’s DIY Workshop the class discovered a swarm hiding in one of our trees. Swarming season is about to begin and learning how to prevent a swarm, and how to handle one is an important bee keeping skill.

Bee Workshop 5.17.12 (5)_web

If you’re interested in joining us, you can sign up on our Facebook page or just show up. No reservations required.

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