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BYOP – Bring Your Own Paintbrush

UPDATE: The Coop Painting Party has been delayed until Wednesday, May 29th because of weather.

Here’s a twist on the old fashioned barn raising.

We’re having a party tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22nd) at the Rogue Farms Hopyard to paint the new Chicken Coop, Turkey Tavern and Pig Pub for our Hopyard animals.

It’s too bad that it had to come to this, but sometimes it’s best to embrace change and party with it.

We built the Coop/Tavern/Pub in less than a week after skunk attacks decimated the ranks of our Free Range Chicks and Royal Palm Turkeys. Something needed to happen to keep the animals safe and sound.

Finished Coop 05.16.2013_web

The completed coop. Just add paint and the Chicks, Turkeys and Pigs will be able to move in.

Here’s the details: The Coop Painting Party starts @ 6:00pm. Please bring your own paintbrush or we won’t have enough to go around. Everyone’s welcome. The sooner the coop is painted the more time we’ll have for drinking beer.

And if that isn’t reward enough, you’ll have earned the eternal thanks of Nancy and her one surviving chick.

Nancy Lemon Drop chicks

Guests Of Honor: Nancy and her one surviving chick, Lemon Drop.

For more about our Free Range Chicks, Royal Palm Turkeys and Potbellied Pigs, please click here.

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