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Hard Freeze Hits Rogue Farms Cherries And Apples

This year’s crop of apples and cherries at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon may be a total loss.

Our orchards were hit hard by several nights of below freezing temperatures, severely damaging the new blooms and buds of the cherry and apple trees.

And considering what happened to the rye at our farm in Independence – it’s a week of tough news – and it’s only Tuesday.

The month of May started out well. Good looking apple and cherry blossoms in the orchards next to the Farmstead Malt House. Such a beautiful sight!

Rogue Farms cherry trees in bloom.

Rogue Farms grows two varieties of cherries, Rainier and Bing. Last year’s crop was also lost during a mid-May cold snap.

The weather started turning on us mid-Month. Five nights of below freezing temperatures at the worst possible time, right when the cherries and apple trees were at the peak of the bloom.

A close up look at our apple blossoms in early May.

Rogue Farms apple blossoms in early May about a week before the freeze set in. We grow nine apple varieties here in Tygh Valley.

When we first looked at the damage it appeared minor. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks had passed that we realized how much harm had been done. Now we expect to lose most of the apples and cherries. There may be enough to hand pick some fruit, but a real harvest might be out of the question. Other growers in the area appear to be in better shape. They’re reporting minor damage from the freeze.

And so it goes in farming. Sometimes you’re one of the lucky ones and sometimes you’re not.

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