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You Can’t Keep Our Good Rye Down

Flattened Rye 05.25.2013The wind storm that flattened several acres of our Dream rye field turned out to be nothing more than a harmless blowhard.

A week later and the rye is straightening itself upright. Except for a few spots here and there, we’ll be able to harvest almost all of it.

And the news keeps getting better here at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

dream rye may 2013

Our first post storm inspection of the Dream Rye field shows it thick with heads. We’re expecting much higher yields than we got from last year’s crop. That means more Dream Rye for our Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye. To brew beer with more flavor, you need more ingredients.

dream rye may 2013

Rye grows just about everywhere. But in most places it’s grown for cover and forage. Quality is not the most important thing to most farmers. At Rogue Farms, quality is the most important thing. And we’re learning the hard way that growing quality rye is harder than we thought. From the slug invasion that wiped out the 2011 crop, to this year’s wind storm, growing our Field of Dream Rye is a challenge – but worth it.

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