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Here’s How You Know Hops Are Ready To Grow Cones

Hop Bines JuneIt’s a couple of weeks to the summer solstice and we at Rogue Farms in the peak of the running season.

More than 15 hours of daylight has our hop bines in overdrive, growing several inches a day, several feet a week. So far, it’s all about the bines.

But bines are nothing without cones. And now we can report that the cone growing season is about to begin.  That happens when the bines, literally, go over the top.

Hop Bines JuneTake a look at the bines in this photo. They’re almost to the top of the trellis wires. Some have even gone over the top. From now on, the bines have no place to go but back down towards the soil.

It’s during this return trip that the bines start growing cones. Study a bine close to harvest time and you’ll see that most of the cones are growing on the downward bines, not the upward bines.

But our bines have plenty of growing to do before we start to see cones. They cones make their first appearance in late June or early July. An early showing indicates we could be in for a big harvest.

Tiny Cones First July

The first hop cones of 2012 appeared in late June. We had a bumper crop last year despite major floods in January, minor floods in March and a cool, wet spring.

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