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From Tiny Seeds A Mighty Beer Is Growing

Pumpkin Field03 JuneIn the month since we planted our 2013 crop of Dream Pumpkins, we’ve gone from barren ground to one of the prettiest sights we’ve ever seen.

Rows and rows of tiny pumpkin shoots lined up like soldiers on a mission.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Rogue Farms Dream Pumpkins.

Six acres big, these rows of shoots will soon grow up to become the next crop of Dream Pumpkins, a sweet variety that we harvest, chop, roast and brew for our Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale.

Pumpkin Field02 June

Responding to the warm and sunny days of June, the shoots will grow into full fledged plants by July, sprouting bright orange flowers.

Pumpkin Bee Collage

Left: The month old pumpkin shoots next to some of our Rogue Honeybee hives.
Right: When flowers appear in early July, the bees will be all over them.

By August, we’ll have our first fruit of the season. Brewmaster John Maier will come out to see for himself how the Dream Pumpkins are doing.

Pumpkin shoot and JM

Still just a few inches tall, the pumpkin shoots will produce green fruit that turn orange by the time John Maier comes out for an inspection in August.

Harvest and brewing takes place in September.

Which begs a question, when you see pumpkin beer on store shelves in July, just what are they using for pumpkins?

Follow the progress of our Dream Pumpkins by clicking here.

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