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Say “Hi” To The New Rogue Farms Chicks

The arrival of turkey chicks is always a surprise here at Rogue Farms. They just show up one day, seemingly out of nowhere.

That has to do with the secretive habits of our hen Juniper. She disappears every now and then, sometimes returning with chicks and sometimes not.

This week, she came back with four cute, tiny fuzzballs.

Turkey chicks

Just a few days old, the curious turkey chicks are exploring the grounds and learning how to eat bugs.

Turkey chick

The lawn has become a favorite hunting ground.

Juniper and one of her brood.

Juniper and one of her brood.

The four chicks are now part of the Rogue Farms family, joining their parents Tom and Juniper, our dozen or so Free Range Chicks and Potbellied Pigs Voo and Doo. Watching them grow up will be one of the great joys of the summer, and we invite you to join us.

For information about visiting Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon please click here. For our Events Calendar, click here.

Come see the hops and turkey chicks grow!

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