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A Summer Buffet For Honeybees

Rogue Honeybees 19 Original Colonies Mead Rogue Farms Hopyard Independence OregonBlackberries, Marionberries, Raspberries, Clover – and coming soon – flowering pumpkins.

We’re deep in the middle of the summer nectar flow at Rogue Farms, a time when our honeybees have a bigger selection of food than your typical buffet line. Healthier choices too.

Here’s a look at the honeybees in action.

Wild Blackberry bee 6.20.13 crop web

The primary food source for Rogue Farms honeybees during summer is wild blackberries. They grow like crazy along the edges of the fields and the banks of the Willamette River. There’s also the raspberry and marionberries that we grow by the Hop ‘N” Bed.

Bee Clover 6.20.13 (62) crop web

Another important food source are the wild clover plants. Clovers are the single biggest source of honey in the United States, and clover honey has a flavor that’s mild and sweet.

Bee Pumpkin Flower crop web 8.2.12 (3)

When our pumpkins start flowering, the honeybees will be all over them. Pumpkin pollen is not the most nutritious stuff in the world, but the bees love it. It’s their idea of junk food.

Summer berries, clover, spring cherries, apples and winter hazelnuts. Rogue Farms honeybees have a wide variety of wild and cultivated plants to forage almost year round. Their honey is a sampling of all the tastes in the Wigrich Appellation. And you’ll be able to taste it too in our Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch and 19 Original Colonies Mead.

Help Rogue Farms Save The Honeybees! Join us this weekend for the Great American Mead Festival.The 2-day street fair event will celebrate bees, the honey they produce, and all the beverages and foods created with it. Click on the logo for more information.

Great American Mead Fest 2013

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