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Back In The Dirt

With the big flood of February behind us, we’re back to work at Rogue Farms for a new season of growing beer and spirits.

The flood caused an 11 day delay in the biggest chore this time of year, digging up and replacing rhizomes.

Digging Rhizomes

Digging up rhizomes by hand.

Every winter we dig up rhizomes in one part of the hopyard, split them, and then replant them in other areas to replace bines that are no longer productive. It’s an annual tradition that helps us maintain a healthy hopyard that will grow hops for decades.

But the floods put us in a real time crunch this year. We need to finish the job before the bines start growing, which could happen in the next few weeks. Everyone is hustling to get it done.

Digging Rhizomes 2

As soon as the hopyard dried out after the floods, farm hands were back in the dirt.

As far as we can tell, the floods didn’t do any damage to the hops. In fact, it might have helped. Last time it flooded like this we had an excellent crop. But there’s a lot more weather to come before we pick the hops in August and we remain – as always – at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Please come join us at Rogue Farms this spring and see for yourself how the hops, rye, pumpkins, marionberries, jalapeños and honeybees are doing.

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