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Back In The Land Of Hops And Honey

Feel that buzz in the air at Rogue Farms?

That’s our honeybees, just back from a working vacation in California.

In February, we sent our 7,140,298 bees 600 miles south to an almond orchard in Tracy, California to get them out of the cold, rain and snow. Winter temperatures and the lack of natural food sources are hard on honeybees. We figured they’d appreciate a few months in the sun, a chance to forage among the almonds, and to build up the population of the hives.

Now that our honeybees have returned, they’re busy making this year’s crop of Rogue Farms honey. They started foraging for nectar in the apple and cherry orchards and have moved on to the marionberries, blackberries and roses. Our Dream pumpkins and jalapeños will bloom in a couple of months and soon the fields surrounding Rogue Farms will be smothered in wild flowers and clover.

Bee collage

Left: A Rogue Farms honeybee pollinating a marionberry. Right: Our Dream Pumpkins will bloom in July and August.

Hazelnuts, apples, cherries, pumpkins, marionberries, blackberries, jalapeños, roses and too many wildflowers to count. Our honeybees forage in all the flavors of the Wigrich Appellation, producing a honey that’s the true taste of terroir. As an agri-fermenter of craft beverages, Rogue Farms is dedicated to growing a proprietary palate of flavors of known origin. That includes the honey we grow for our 19 Original Colonies Mead, Honey Kolsch and Marionberry Braggot – all made in collaboration with Mother Nature and the Rogue Farms Honeybees.

Hives By Field

And if you buy some almonds from a certain grower down near Tracy, California you’ll have our honeybees to thank for that too.

Summer’s almost here at Rogue Farms. Please pay a visit at the farm and join us for another season of growing beer and spirits.

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