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The Harvest Season Begins!

The calendar says summer is just getting started. Not the time of year you normally think about bringing in a crop.

But Mother Nature doesn’t always stick to a schedule. Thanks to a spring growing season that was unusually warm and sunny the Rogue Farms cherries are ripe now. So what if they’re a couple of weeks early? It’s time to get the ladders and baskets out of the barn and head into the orchard to start picking.

ladder in orchard

We pick our cherries by hand.

We grow Bing, Rainier, Attika, Selah and Regina cherries in our 20-acre orchard in the Tygh Valley Appellation of Eastern Oregon. This is amazing fruit growing terroir. Our cherry, apple, apricot, pear, plum and peach trees are deeply rooted in centuries old volcanic loess soil. There’s also the looming presence of Mt. Hood and the Oregon Cascades just a few miles to the west. The mountains cast a huge rain shadow over this part of Oregon, giving us 300 days of sunshine a year.

Picking our cherries will run two to three weeks. Then we’ll spend the rest of the summer picking our pears, plums, peaches and apricots as they turn ripe over the next couple of months. Then we’ll start the harvest of our nine apple varieties in September.

Rogue Farms bing cherries. The bing variety was developed right here in Oregon.

Rogue Farms Bing cherries. The Bing variety was developed here in Oregon and is named for Ah Bing, the Chinese immigrant who ran the orchard where the cherry was first grown.

This is our first orchard harvest in three years and it looks to be a bumper crop. So to celebrate, we’re using our Rogue Farms cherries, apples, apricots, pears, plums and peaches to create Rogue Cider and Rogue Soda. We’re Growing The Revolution with new ingredients in our proprietary palate of flavors and using them to create new craft beverages.

Please join us this summer for the harvest season at Rogue Farms. Our Risk™ malting barley will be ready in a few weeks and the hops harvest gets underway in mid-August. There is no better time to visit the farm and see how we grow Beer, Spirits, Ciders and Sodas.

roguefarms grow the revolution



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