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Picking Our Plums

We’re blessed this year with one of our best crops ever on our 19-acre orchard at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

It’s quite the comeback story. We lost nearly all of our fruit for three years in a row due to severe frosts that hit during the flowering season. But this spring was warm and dry, almost perfect in fact. Now we’ve got so much fruit it’s as if the trees were making up for lost time.

So what are we picking this week?

Plum Picking Jessie

This is our first harvest of plums. We grow four varieties at Rogue Farms, Shire, Superior, Santa Rosa, and Burbank. Each has a unique combination of sweet fruit and tart skin.

Picking Medium Shot

Our four varieties of plums come in several colors, but are best described as red or yellow plums.

Picking Group shot

The plum trees take up a small section of our orchard. But just look at all the fruit we’re getting.

Loading Plums

We gather all the small baskets off the orchard floor.

Loading Plums 3

And pour the plums into larger containers to load them into the truck.

What will we create with our inaugural crop of Rogue Farms plums? A cider is definitely in the works. Soda is a possibility. It all depends on how the plums taste and if we want to blend them or use them separately.

Plums are one of the new ingredients this year in the proprietary palate of flavors we grow at Rogue Farms for our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas. Soon our peaches, apricots and pears will be ripe for picking. Our apples need another another month. Look for the harvest of our Dare™ malting barley to start next week.

The season of harvesting our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas is just getting started. Come to Rogue Farms this summer and see how we’re Growing The Revolution, one plum at a time.

roguefarms grow the revolution

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