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Wheat Harvest Begins

Mother Nature has a funny way of testing us.

We had just started picking our Freedom hops, one of seven varieties we grow at Rogue Farms, when we got word that our wheat was ripe and ready.

So with pickers in the hop rows and combines in the wheat field, we got to work bringing in two crops at the same time.

Wheat Harvest August 2014 1

Reaping, threshing and winnowing our five acre field of wheat.

McKercher wheat is one of new ingredients we added this year to the Rogue Farms proprietary palate of flavors. When we’re done harvesting the grain, we’ll truck it over the Cascades to our Farmstead Malt House on our farm in Tygh Valley. There we’ll floor malt and micro malt our wheat using hands-on, traditional methods of steeping, germinating, kilning and bagging. Then it’s off to the Rogue Brewery in Newport where John Maier will mash and brew it to make future batches of Mom Hefeweizen and Honey Kolsch.

Wheat Harvest August 2014 3

We planted this field in late spring. It grew and ripened quickly thanks to an unusually sunny and hot summer in the Wigrich Appellation.

McKercher wheat is named for the McKercher brothers of Linn County, Oregon. They arrived there from Scotland in the late 1800s, became farmers, raised their families, and operated a well known grain mill on the Calapooia River. They were so good it, the flour they produced won “World’s Best” at the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland.

Among their descendants are the Joyces, one of the founding families of Rogue Ales and Spirits. Farming and milling runs through our veins.

Wheat Harvest August 2014 5

Meanwhile, the harvest of our Dare™ malting barley we grow at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley could begin any day now. Whether it’s one, two or three harvests at the same time, we’re up to the challenge.

Please join us at Rogue Farms for the harvest season, the most exciting time of the year, and see how we grow beers, spirits, ciders and sodas.

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