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Behind The Scenes At Rogue Farms

At the end of every one of these stories we invite you to come visit us at Rogue Farms.

For us, there’s nothing better than showing folks how beer and spirits begin in the dirt. Spend a day with us and we’ll open your eyes to how that Rogue you’re drinking is actually a farm product, made with crops that we planted, grew and harvested ourselves.

Here’s what you might see on any given day at Rogue Farms.

Walk Among The Hops

Brewmaster John Maier in the rows of Rogue Farms Freedom hops.

Brewmaster John Maier in the rows of Rogue Farms Freedom hops in August.

A highlight of our farm is our 42-acre hopyard where we grow seven varieties of hops. The growing season starts in March or April, and really kicks into high gear in late May. Cones are usually out in June and the harvest gets underway in mid-August. Even winter, when the hops are dormant, gives you a chance to see the amazing collaboration of poles and wires that make up our trellis system.

Repairing the trellises in December.

Repairing the trellises in January.

Step Inside Our Processing Facility

During harvest, we process our hop bines right on the farm in our processing facility. It’s an amazing contraption that looks like something designed by Rube Goldberg.

It takes about 48-hours for just one variety of hops to come off the trellises and be stripped, separated, sorted, kilned, cooled and baled. The processing plant is open to the public during tours only.

Processing Facility

There’s nothing high tech about our processing facility. A series of blades, belts and fans strip cones of the bines then sort and separate smaller leaves and twigs until all we have left are clean cones.

A look at the kilns where fresh hops are dried so they can be safely stored for future brewing.

A look at the kilns where fresh hops are dried so they can be safely stored for future brewing.

Pumpkins, Peppers, Rye, Wheat, Corn and More

Our patch of Rogue Farms Dream Pumpkins.

Our patch of Rogue Farms Dream Pumpkins.

Hops are just one of the ingredients we grow at Rogue Farms in Independence. Add to that Dream Pumpkins, Dream Rye, Jalapeños, Wigrich Corn, McKercher Wheat and the wildflower honey from our 7,140,289 honeybees.

What you’ll be able to see growing in our fields depends on the season, and where the crops are located. We rotate our crops around the farm to keep our alluvial soils healthy and nutritious.

Revolution Garden

Revolutionary Gardens

This year we’re expanding our Revolution Garden, where we grow angelica, chamomile, coriander, cucumbers, ginger, orris root, juniper, marionberries and other botanicals for Rogue Spirits and Sodas.

Planting begins in the spring. You can show up just about any time of the year and see something new blooming in the garden.

Meet The Pigs

Voo greeting kids at Rogue Farms.

Voo greeting kids at Rogue Farms.

Our Potbellied Pigs Voo and Doo are the official greeters at Rogue Farms.

Relax With One Of Our Beers or Spirits

Chatoe Lawn

Hanging out on the lawn next to the Chatoe Rogue and hopyard.

Once you’ve seen it all, or if you just feel like hanging out, we serve food and drinks at the Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room. Enjoy one of our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas on the very farm where we grew the ingredients.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, please visit Rogue Farms and see for yourself how we grow beers and spirits from ground to glass. Tours are held weekends at 3pm, or you may make special arrangements by calling us at 503-838-9813. Please see our Hours and Directions page to find out when we’re open and how to get here.

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