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A Rogue Farms Winter Wonderland

Just to make sure we knew winter wasn’t going anywhere, Mother Nature surprised us with freezing rain and ice today at Rogue Farms.

Snow and freezing rain in the hopyard.

A thick layer of freezing rain in the hopyard.

Winters around here are so mild that temperatures rarely stay below freezing for long. But this week is looking colder than usual, so it may be a few days before all of this icy stuff melts away.

The water left behind by the December floods

In deeper sections, the floodwaters turned into ice.

None of this will cause us any problems. The hop rhizomes are safely tucked away underground, and the marionberries need a good wintery freeze if they’re going to produce fruit next year.

We’re sharing this with you because we think the farm takes on a stark beauty at times like this.

Snow and ice along Wigrich Road.

More ice along Wigrich Road.

Our neighbors hazelnut orchard looks like a skating rink.

Our neighbors hazelnut orchard looks more like a skating rink.

On Wednesday we start cleaning up all the debris left behind by the floods. There is literally tons of work to do. About a dozen of our fellow Rogues are coming here to assist.

That’s how we do things at Rogue. When one of us needs help, others pitch in. When we’re done at the farm, we volunteered for more clean up along Wigrich Road and shoveling gravel in downtown Independence for sidewalk repairs. It will be cold, wet and tough going.

Revolutions are never easy. But growing our own ingredients for our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas fills us with the kind of pride we’d never get from taking shortcuts.

Now that we’re back on our regular hours please drop by and see how we’re Growing the Revolution in 2016.


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