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The Buzz Is Gone, Our Bees Begin Their Winter Vacation

We miss them already.

The 7,140,289 Rogue Farms honeybees hit the road this week for their annual winter vacation in California.

loading bees

Loading the honeybees starts well before sunrise.

Andrew, our beekeeper, came by early in the morning to load them on his truck and hit the road. We lost some of our bees to a freeze earlier in the month, and with freezing rain in the forecast he didn’t want to waste a moment.

Andrew and the bees were gone before we arrived for the day.

Checking the load one last time before heading out.

Checking the load one last time before heading out.

The bees will spend the next few months pollinating an almond orchard in Northern California. The weather down there will be sunnier, warmer and a lot easier on them. Then when the almond trees start to bloom, the honeybees will spend their days flitting among the flowers and filling up on that nutritious almond pollen and nectar.

Almond Blossoms

This is where our honeybees will spend winter, the almond orchards of Northern California.

By spring, they’ll come back to us in much better shape than when they left. Andrew says a few months down south does our bees a world of good. Weak colonies become strong, strong colonies become indestructible.

We feel like a parent who’s sending his kid off to school for the first time. Yes we miss our honeybees, but we know we’re doing the right thing for them.

Every spring we plant wildflowers - just for our honeybees.

Every spring we plant wildflowers – just for our honeybees.

When they return, the Rogue Farms honeybees will be greeted with an outbreak of blossoms in the next-door cherry and apple orchards. By summer, they’ll be busy pollinating our Dream Pumpkins and Prickless Marionberries.

Our bees work hard to produce their award-winning honey that we harvest to brew our kolschbraggot and sodas. So it only seems fair that we work hard to take care of them.

Come by Rogue Farms this winter and see how we grow beer, spirits, ciders and sodas from Ground To Glass.


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