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Celebrate IPA May With A New Crop Of Hops At Rogue Farms

What a great way to kick off IPA May, our month long celebration of America’s favorite craft beer style.

It’s hops that define IPA, and the hops we grow at Rogue Farms are starting to climb.

We wrap the bines clockwise around the strings in the hopyard, giving them the best start on the growing season. Called training, we train 63,637 bines by hand every spring.

Hops are natural born climbers. Each bine is covered in tiny hairs that allow the plant grab hold of the string we laid out for them, and pull themselves up towards the sun.


A bug’s eye view of the hopyard. In less than two months, the bines will grow 18 feet to the top of the strings.

The lengthening periods of daylight are what signal hops that it’s time to climb. The longer the days, the more they grow. In June, as we approach the summer solstice (also known as the longest day of the year) the hops will grow a foot per day. We’re not kidding when we say you can come to Rogue Farms and watch the hops grow.

But after the solstice, as the periods of daylight get shorter, hops enter a new growth season. Instead of climbing they produce flowers and then cones.

During May, we’ll post more information about each variety of hops we grow, their unique aromas, flavors and bitterness, and how Rogue Brewmaster John Maier uses them to craft Rogue beer.

To get the full IPA May, Rogue Farms, Grow Your Own experience drop by the farm this month and enjoy one of our IPA’s while strolling among the bines. Your beer will never taste better.

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