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STORM WATCH: Flooding in the Forecast for Rogue Farms

It’s been a wet winter in Oregon, with Portland and other parts of the Willamette Valley getting the most snow they’ve seen in almost 40 years. Surprisingly, all that precipitation hasn’t translated to flooding at the farm — until now.

The National Weather Service has issued a slew of warnings around the region this week, including a flood watch for the Rogue Farms area tomorrow.

Floods are usually an annual event and part of what creates the terroir of Rogue Farms and the nutrient-rich soil for our crops. As we stock the cupboards and batten down the hatches, check out photos previous years’ flooding at the farm:


This aerial view shows 2015 floodwater covering some of our hop fields and the neighbors’ hazelnut orchard.


Floodwater pushes around heavy piles of debris, as shown in this 2012 photo.


You can see the force of the floods in this 2015 farm photo.


The Freedom hop field was covered in water in 2012.

Voo and Doo are nestled safe in their pen and the honeybees are out of the flood zone. We’ll keep you updated on conditions as we learn more.

For more information or with concerns, contact Cheryl at

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