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STORM WATCH UPDATE: The Great Puddle of 2017

We headed out to the fields during a break in the storm to survey the state of the farm after the week’s deluge of rain.


A first look at the dramatic flooding of the hop yard

We may have been a bit premature in yesterday’s flood watch excitement. The rains came in heavy, but all we really got was a puddle.


This panorama shows the magnitude of the Great Puddle of 2017.

The forecasts have been updated and the Willamette River is no longer expected to hit flood level this week, with a trend toward no flooding at all this winter. It’s just another reminder that, for all our preparation and planning, Mother Nature runs this show.

Lucky for us, she helps us grow some pretty delicious beer, so she knows what she’s doing.

We’ll be reopening the Chatoe Tasting Room this spring. If you’d like to schedule a tour before then, contact: Grow the Revolution!

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