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Farmstead India Red Ale

Farmstead Brewery Josh Cronin

Josh hard at work making beer.

If you’re a fan of big hoppy red ales, then get ready for the newest creation from our Farmstead Brewery.

Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin brewed an India Red Ale just the other day, using 2-row malt made with the barley we grow at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, and Alluvial Hops we grow here at the Rogue Hopyard. Other ingredients include ale malt, crystal and carafa 2.

Any day now, Josh will remove the beer from the fermenter and age it for a couple of weeks before it goes on tap at the Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room. If you can’t make it here to the Hopyard, then look for it at Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest in Newport, Oregon, May  17th – 18th, or at Frogs & Dogs at the Issaquah Brewhouse, July 6th – 7th.

A Beer For Spring

Serving Beer_webOur first Farmstead beer of the season, a farmhouse style Saison, goes on tap tonight at the Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room.

This is a perfect beer for celebrating the spring season. The Saison style dates back centuries to the farms of Belgium and France. They were brewed in the winter months when work was slow, and then served to farm workers during the spring and summer to keep them happy and hydrated.

Although lots of breweries make Saison style beers, ours is made the traditional way, with ingredients that were grown on the farm where the beer was brewed. A true Farmstead beer.

For his Saison, Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin used Rogue DIY Dare™ Pilsner Malt made from the barley we grow at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, and Independent and Alluvial hops grown here at the Rogue Hopyard.

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Josh Cronin (left) brewed the Saison during our DIY Homebrewing Workshop in February.

Dark, Strong and Baltic

Anthony Kirk wowed the judges at the Rogue Independence Hop & Heritage Festival homebrewing contest.

We were so impressed, we asked him to create a recipe using Rogue Farm grown ingredients and brew it at our Farmstead Brewery. What he came up with was a strong, dark Baltic Porter. Then Kirk and our Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin got together and got to work.

homebrew, homebrewing, baltic porter, farmstead brewery, rogue farms, rogue farms hopyard, independence, oregon

Anthony Kirk (left) and Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin (right) brewing Kirk’s Baltic Porter.

Kirk’s recipe includes Rogue Farms Hopyard grown Independent Hops, as well as Munich, Pilsner, Chocolate, Special B, and Carafa 2 malts. ABV is expected at 8% to 9%.

It will go on tap at the Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room in a few months from now. This is a beer that mellows well with age.

Baltic Porters were created in the late 1700s by the Anchor Brewery of London. Famous for its dark porters, Anchor created a strong version that it shipped to Baltic countries. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, is said to be one of the beer’s admirers. Because of that, Baltic Porter has sometimes been called a Russian Imperial Stout, or an Imperial Stout.