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Posts from the ‘Dream Pumpkins’ Category

Guess Who Is Eating The Pumpkins At Rogue Farms

Some visitors appeared in pumpkin patch and started munching on the sprouts. We never saw them coming.

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The First Growth Of Beer And Spirits At Rogue Farms

Our next batches of ale, braggot, gin, soda and cider are growing right before your eyes.

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Our Crooked Lines Grow A Straight Up Pumpkin Beer

Growing your own isn't neat and tidy.

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From Bine To Bale, How A Hop Becomes Beer

Visit Rogue Farms during the hop harvest and what you'll discover is an Oregon tradition that goes back 150-years.

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This Is How You Pick Farm Fresh Pumpkin Beer

At Rogue Farms picking beer is not about opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle.

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Take The Rogue Farms GYO Quiz

Flowers, berries, ears and kernels are popping up everywhere here at Rogue Farms. Take our GYO Quiz to see how much you know about growing beers, spirits, ciders and sodas.

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From Hops To Wheat, Growing Our Own

What to know what your favorite Rogue beer or spirits looks like in June? Come take a look.

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