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A Sweet Note from Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer found out more about where we grow honey.

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Straight Talk About The Beers And The Bees

There's a reason why your parents never told you about the beers and the bees. Let us set you straight.

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Celebrate Earth Day, Feed A Honeybee

Not everything we grow is for our beer and spirits. What we planted this week is strictly for our honeybees.

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The Bees Are Back In Town

Welcome back! More than two months after leaving for their working vacation in California, the 7,140,289 Rogue Farms honeybees are home.

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Rogue Honeybees Win Best In Show

Our 7,140,289 hard working Rogue Farms honeybees have earned some well deserved recognition. We'll drink to that.

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From Bine To Bale, How A Hop Becomes Beer

Visit Rogue Farms during the hop harvest and what you'll discover is an Oregon tradition that goes back 150-years.

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Take The Rogue Farms GYO Quiz

Flowers, berries, ears and kernels are popping up everywhere here at Rogue Farms. Take our GYO Quiz to see how much you know about growing beers, spirits, ciders and sodas.

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