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Rogue Farms Barley Harvest Begins

The heads of our Rogue Farms Risk Malting barley bowed down on Monday night, telling us it was time to harvest the heavy kernels from the stalks.


Rogue Farms Risk Malting Barley, ready for harvest.

It’s been a fairly uneventful growing season for this year’s 200-acre field. We’re not ready to release our sigh of relief quite yet, however. The past few years of severe wildfires and droughts remind us of the power of Mother Nature, and we keep ourselves humbled as we collaborate with her to grow beer, spirits, cider and soda.


Combining our 200-acres of Risk Malting Barley.

As we drive our combines into the field over the next few weeks, we’ll be keeping an eye on the wildfire burning just south of Rogue Farms, again devastating the Warm Springs Reservation.


Our harvested barley will be taken 28 steps, from the field to the Rogue Farms Malthouse.

We’re in the midst of our largest harvest ever at Rogue Farms. We’ve just completed handpicking our two-acres of Rogue Farms Prickless Marionberries. Soon we’ll begin picking our one acre of Rogue Farms Cucumbers for our Spruce Gin and Citrus Cucumber soda. Shortly after that, we’ll begin the harvest of our 42-acre hopyard, Dream Pumpkins, Wildflower Honey, Dream Rye, Rogue Farms Jalapenos, Wigrich Corn and more.


From field to floor, Good Chit Pilsner is crafted with barley grown and malted at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Join us as we Dare, Risk and Dream to Grow the Revolution!

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