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Hop Harvest In, Two More To Go

With the sun fading over the Coast Range, we finished bringing in our Alluvial hops this weekend and the 2014 Rogue Farms Hop Harvest came to a close.

Four weeks, seven varieties of hops, 350 bales, one big celebration.

hop trucks

The final truck loads of Alluvial hops coming in from the hop rows.

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We Like Them Hot

“To everything there is a season”, the ancient sage teaches us, and at Rogue Farms we’re coming to the end of one season and starting another.

We just finished planting our jalapeño peppers. This is one of the last crops we’ll put in the ground this year. The planting season is winding down and the harvest season will be here sooner than you think.

Just a couple of years ago we were growing our peppers in small, garden boxes. It was an experimental patch to see how they would do in the soil and climate of the Wigrich Appellation, and how they would taste in our Chipotle Ale and Chipotle Spirit. They turned out so well that we planted a quarter acre last year, and a full acre this year.

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Red Means Go

Unlike most jalapeño growers, we at Rogue Farms wait on green and go on red.

It means we have to be more patient, to give our jalapeños extra time to ripen, but the difference it makes in our Chipotle Ale and Chipotle Spirit is worth it.

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Peño Envy

Jalapeno Planting13 webNo one likes a dull revolution.

And to make sure the Rogue Farms Grow Your Own revolution never gets dull or flavorless, we planted our first crop of jalapeño peppers.

240 plants. One-quarter acre. We dug each hole and planted each pepper pot by hand.

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