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A Tour Of The Flood Damage At Rogue Farms

A look around Rogue Farms shows widespread damage to our corn, peppers and marionberries.

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From Flood To Mud, Clean Up Time At Rogue Farms

With the road to Rogue Farms finally open, we returned this morning to get our first look at the farm in more two weeks of flooding. What a mess!

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No Floods, No Rogue Farms. Why We Put Up With This Weather.

A trip to Rogue Farms reminds us of the hassle, and blessing, of floods.

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Dangerous Oregon Storm Hitting Rogue Farms

We don't mind rain and we don't mind floods. But the winter storm that's hitting Northwest Oregon today is something to worry about.

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President Declares State Of Emergency At Rogue Farms

The river is rising fast and more rain is coming. We may be swamped with one of our biggest floods in decades.

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Snow, Rain, Floods. Oregon Storms Slam Rogue Farms

Snow, ice, rain and floods. A big winter storm is hitting Rogue Farms. Mother Nature is coming to our rescue.

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Rogue Farms Reopens, But Bigger Floods Are Coming

We reopened Rogue Farms today, but bigger and badder floods are headed our way.

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