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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Hopyard?

We call them Free Range Chicks for a reason, and lately they’re ranging farther and farther away from their base of operations near the Rogue Farms Hop ‘N’ Bed.

Just the other day, we started seeing them on the lawn between the Hopyard and the Chatoe Rogue. For a Chick, this is a pretty good hike. So what’s going on?

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Farmers Pouring Beer For Farmers

Ag Show_28We had a great time at Northwest Agricultural Show in Portland, pouring tasters of our Rogue Farms beers and spirits for our fellow farmers.

This is a huge event. About 15,000 people showed up and we met farmers from all over the country. Even if they don’t grow hops and barley like we do at Rogue Farms, they still appreciate that hard work that goes into every bottle and keg.

As you can see in the photos, even kids are curious about where beer comes from.

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